Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day in Utah

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Governor Spencer J. Cox officially recognizes March 29, 2022 as Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day in Utah. Utah is home to an estimated 45,000 Vietnam War Veterans and we thank them for their service to our country. A small ceremony will be held at the Layton City Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica at 2 p.m. today honoring those who served.

The declaration reads:

Whereas, the United States of America was heavily involved in the Vietnam War from 1955 to 1975;

Whereas, millions of American men and women, including 28,000 who left their homes in Utah and the estimated 45,000 Vietnam Veterans residing in Utah today, served in various capacities throughout the war;

Whereas, we remember and pay tribute to the bravery, service, and sacrifice of these Veterans and recognize their valuable contributions to this state and their local communities;

Whereas, we also remember those taken prisoner during the conflict, those missing in action, and the almost 400 Utahns who gave the ultimate sacrifice; and,

Whereas, we as Utahns come together to show our gratitude and recommitment to never forget the heroism of our Veterans of the Vietnam War;

Now, therefore, I, Spencer J. Cox, Governor of the great state of Utah, do hereby recognize and honor March 29, 2022 as

Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day in Utah.

A .pdf version of the declaration may be downloaded HERE