Lieutenant Governor Henderson welcomes US Navy to Utah for Salt Lake City Navy Week

In News by Taylor Ricks


SALT LAKE CITY, September 13, 2023 - Salt Lake City welcomed its third Navy Week from September 11th to 17th, coinciding with the Utah State Fair. Sailors from various Navy organizations gathered to highlight the Navy's importance to the city, Utah, and the nation. To show support for the Navy and the week-long event, Governor Spencer J. Cox and Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson officially declared "United States Navy Week in Utah". Lieutenant Governor Henderson signed and presented the declaration to Rear Admiral Aaron Rugh, Chief Prosecutor for the Military Commissions. 

The official declaration reads as follows: 

Whereas, the state of Utah is honored to have the presence of the United States Navy
in our community and the thousands of sailors from Utah who have served or are currently
serving in the active duty and Navy Reserves;

Whereas, the United States Navy, with its rich heritage and unwavering commitment,
plays a pivotal role in protecting and defending our nation's interests on the vast oceans of the

Whereas, the United States Navy ensures the free flow of commerce and information
on and beneath the sea lanes, and plays a pivotal role in supporting the safety and security of
$14.4 billion in annual exports from the state of Utah;

Whereas, the citizens of Salt Lake City and the state of Utah take great pride in
supporting our namesake vessels, USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716) and PCU Utah (SSN 801);

Whereas, Utahns honor the heritage of the USS Utah (BB 31) battleship and the 58
sailors who lost their lives when it was sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941;

Whereas, the Salt Lake City Navy Week hosts special events and programs to
increase the community's understanding of the Navy and its mission; and,

Whereas, Navy Week serves as an opportunity to express our gratitude and
appreciation for the dedication, sacrifice, and exemplary service of the men and women of the
United States Navy;

Now, therefore, I, Spencer J. Cox, governor of the state of Utah, and I, Deidre M.
Henderson, lieutenant governor of the state of Utah, do hereby declare Sept. 11-17, 2023, as

United States Navy Week in Utah

The declaration can be downloaded HERE

Navy Weeks, organized by the Navy Office of Community Outreach, provides Americans with insights into the Navy's significance in national security and prosperity. This program has been pivotal in areas without a significant Navy presence, showcasing the Navy's role in cities like Salt Lake City. During the week, sailors participate in community events, interact with students, and volunteer for local organizations. A list of community events can be found at