Government Shutdown and Veterans’ Benefits: What You Need to Know

In News by Taylor Ricks


As of now, Congress has until September 30 to reach an agreement that would prevent a government shutdown. While some officials express optimism, it remains uncertain whether a deal will be reached in time. Many Veterans are understandably concerned about the impact it might have on their federal benefits. We hope to provide you with important information regarding the effects of a government shutdown on veterans' benefits and the services offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Certain Benefits Remain Unaffected

First, it's crucial to note that some federal benefits, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, operate independently and will not be affected by a government shutdown. These essential payments will continue as usual, providing some relief to those who depend on them.

For veterans, many of the vital benefits and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to be available during a government shutdown. The VA has assured Veterans that the following services and operations will continue as normal:

  • Veteran Healthcare: Veteran healthcare services will continue to be provided without interruption
  • Burials: Burials at VA national cemeteries will still take place
  • Benefits Delivery: VA will continue processing and delivering benefits to veterans, including compensation, pension, education, and housing assistance
  • Appeals Processing: The Board will continue processing appeals

Some Services May Be Restricted

It's important to acknowledge that certain resources will be limited during a government shutdown:

  • Outreach: VA will be unable to conduct outreach to veterans
  • Regional Offices: VA regional offices will be closed
  • Operational Services: Services like career counseling, transition assistance, and cemetery grounds maintenance will not be available

While these limitations are regrettable, it's reassuring to know that the most critical services will still be operational.

VA's Advanced Appropriations

One reason for this continuity is that the VA receives advanced appropriations for health services each year from Congress. This funding structure helps shield veterans' benefits from the budget disputes that have led to government shutdowns in the past. Congress provided more than $150 billion in funding in late 2022, ensuring that vital services for veterans will continue through fiscal 2024.

In conclusion, while the potential for a government shutdown looms, veterans can take comfort in knowing that many essential VA services and benefits will continue to be available. We encourage you to stay informed, keep an eye on developments, and reach out to your local VA office, the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, or support organizations for any specific questions or concerns you may have.

Below is a helpful "Veterans Field Guide to Government Shutdown" provided by the VA: