Governor Spencer J. Cox Proclaims November 11, 2023, as Veterans Day in Utah

In Declarations, News by Taylor Ricks

Salt Lake City, UT — In a gesture of respect and gratitude, Governor Spencer J. Cox has officially declared November 11, 2023, as Veterans Day in the state of Utah. This annual observance is a time-honored tradition that pays tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Governor Cox's proclamation underscores the importance of honoring veterans not only for their service but also for their resilience and dedication to our country. Utah has a proud tradition of supporting its military community, and this declaration reaffirms the state's commitment to serve to those who have selflessly defended our freedoms. 

The official declaration reads as follows: 

Whereas, on Nov. 11, our nation unites to pay homage and remember the lives and sacrifices of our veterans who have served our country with unparalleled bravery and selflessness;

Whereas, we take this moment as citizens to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and Guardians who have valiantly defended our nation;

Whereas, Utah is home to nearly 140,000 veterans who have served in various roles, including deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, the first Gulf War, times of peace, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, World War II, and numerous other theaters and conflicts across the globe;

Whereas, we take pride in recognizing the profound social, economic, and cultural contributions that our service members and veterans have made in Utah, alongside the sacrifices and unwavering support provided by their families and loved ones;

Whereas, both men and women in our armed forces continue to serve as beacons of courage, leadership, and unyielding commitment, inspiring us all through their selfless service to our state and nation; and,

Whereas, Utah takes immense pride in commemorating the service and sacrifices of veterans, not only throughout our nation but especially here within our great state, and renews our pledge to forever cherish the freedoms we hold dear and the veterans who serve to protect them;

Now, therefore, I, Spencer J. Cox, governor of the state of Utah, do hereby declare Nov. 11, 2023, as Veterans Day in Utah

A copy of the declaration can be found HERE