The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs (UDVMA) assists Veterans and current members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents in numerous capacities. This includes the preparing and securing of claims for compensation, hospitalization, education, vocational training, and other benefits or privileges which Veterans and our current armed forces have earned through their military service.

UDVMA also advises the Governor and state legislature on matters pertaining to military affairs throughout Utah and serves as a liaison to the leadership of Utah’s military installations, defense industry, and economic development organizations.

Our Vision

Make Utah the best state in the nation to perform military missions and be recognized as a premier location for Veterans, service members and their families to live and succeed.


  • Ensure delivery of responsive, well-planned and effective services to veterans, military and their families through coordination with government agencies, academia, private partners and non-profit organizations
  • Coordinate efforts to develop and expand workload on Utah’s military installations
  • Improve the quality of life for Utah’s veterans, military and their families by increasing awareness and access to appropriate federal, state and local resources
  • Work with federal, state and local officials to effectively advocate for initiatives and services
  • Promote and coordinate events throughout the state which develop and build respect for those who have served
  • Compete for national recognition as the leading innovator in the delivery of services to veterans, military and their families
  • Build a strong network of partners, stakeholders and champions

Principles of Service

  • Respect for those who served our Country
  • Awareness of benefits and programs, ensuring veterans and service members are aware of services they have earned
  • Access to benefits and programs, making access to eligible services and programs easy
  • Responsiveness of services – right program, right need, right time
  • Effectiveness of delivery

History of UDVMA

The origins of the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs (UDVMA) are difficult to trace accurately. Awareness of Veteran issues and benefits was incomplete at best in the state’s early formation. However, two world wars and the Korean and Vietnam wars prompted various governors to take steps to create an entity that would be responsive to the needs of the growing number of Veterans in Utah.

The first, around 1919, was a Board of Soldier Settlement, which was later replaced by the State Department of Public Welfare 1935. This department coordinated the distribution of federal aid to Utah Veterans and was later charged with administering all forms of public assistance and welfare activities in the state. Veteran services were eventually transferred to a new “Department” of Veteran Affairs in 1947 and again transferred in 1973 when the Office of Veterans Affairs was created within the Department of Social Services. The next change took place in 2000 when the Utah State Legislature created the Division of Veteran Services under the authority of the Utah National Guard. The Division officially transitioned to the Utah Department of Veteran Affairs under the leadership of Governor Jon Huntsman in 2007 with the executive director of the department serving in the Governor’s cabinet.

In 2013 the Department underwent another revision under the guidance of Gov. Gary Herbert and became the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, combining Veterans services and military affairs under one department. This partnership aims to enhance all services to Veterans and current service members while also supporting the work and missions of Utah’s military installations.